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SARAH ZALDIVAR 1 | Quit university medical center: they prioritized profits over patients’ health
presents episode 555 | Dr Sarah Zaldivar
Contoured Carnivore podcast

Dr Sarah Zaldivar
“When I worked at University of Miami as the
nutrition specialist, they asked me for the
proper diet for patients in their
center to cure paralysis.
I gave them serious advice, but they just went
with the Mediterranean diet”
tell me the truth: whatever you have to do to get funding?
-YES, only care about funding
-proposed diet would be MUCH BETTER for patients, but
~they only care about keeping their job and money coming in

Devan, Contoured Carnivore: What about fruit?
-if you have a few pounds to lose
-have diabetes or pre-diabetes, or
-any skin condition (psoriasis, acne, etc)
-start with a base of just meat
(red meat, eggs, salmon, chicken, bacon, lobster…)
-after 30 to 90 days and you are feeling great, lost weight
~can try some fruit and check the results
-Little research on the anti-nutrients in plants
~considered antioxidants

For example in fruits you have salicylates…
-these are antifungals to protect fruit from
predators and fungal, mold overgrowth
Throughout history, we never had this much
access to fructose
-fruits we had available were low sugar, high fiber
-fruits on market have all been hybridized to be sweet
& addictive
Is fruit better than Snickers bar for healthy, fit person?
But is a piece of steak better? YES

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