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SARAH ZALDIVAR 1 | Nutrition major: many studies my professors did not share: Afraid of being fired!
presents episode 575 | Dr Sarah Zaldivar, certified nutritionist Interview

Dr Zaldivar:
“I’m from Lebanon, obtained my bachelors and
masters degrees in nutrition & dietetics there.
Obtained PhD in exercise physiology & nutrition
at University of Miami”
-Personal trainer in Lebanon; ACSM certified
-taught at Univ of Miami & Miami Dade College
-joined this field of study to get fit and lean
-had always struggled with weight, depression, acne
-did not know that the Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics is in
bed with food companies (sugar, Kelloggs, Coca-Cola)

In university: just followed the curriculum put
forward by the academy…
-a lot of the world follows the same
“I got sucked into low fat, high carb dogma
Calories in & out is all that matters”
Tried to follow it, it never worked
-did binge eating
-emotional eating

I started doing my own research…
-PubMed & Google Scholar
Found lots of articles that professors did not share
-afraid of losing their job
“Even today, dietitians who:
-know what I do (eat carnivore style)
-agree with me
-eat like I do”
But won’t give info to patients…afraid of being reported
They say: No, no, I will get reported!
“I cannot live like that. Hence I left.
No amount of money can pay me to live a hypocritical life”


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