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SARAH ZALDIVAR 1 | LOSE SWEET TOOTH in14 days…FREEDOM to really taste & enjoy real food; feel great!
presents episode 596 | Dr Sarah Zaldivar podcast

Question: How to lose a sweet tooth?
-cut out all processed foods
-this is the long term goal
[even protein bars, protein shakes] -should take about 14 days for cravings
to disappear
How to do those critical 14 days?
-gradually cut down on the sweetness
-start by cutting amount in half or frequency in half
-continue until the amount is so small it is not a problem
Example: 3 protein bars a day; then 2; then 1; then none

Exercise also helps…
-stimulates the brain’s dopamine system
-increases dopamine &
-dopamine receptors
“So, even when not working out, dopamine
level is higher to improve mood”
Main reason people are addicted to outside
sources of dopamine:
-comes in the form of sweets
Whatever training at start, increase intensity & volume to
-increase dopamine & receptors
“more training = more dopamine and dopamine receptors”


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