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SARAH KLEINER 3 | Parents: must help kids…get into sunshine! protect from video screens & wifi
presents episode 607 | Sarah Kleiner
Sarah Kleiner Wellness podcastEVERYDAY:

“My kids have had blue-blocking glasses most
of their lives”
-the rule was no video games during the week &
on weekends only until noon
-no gaming during summer or school breaks
One summer at our cabin with a bunch of teenagers
-one wore sunglasses all day and got sunburned
“I forgot my sunblock”
“Actually, no. Wearing sunglasses blocked the natural signal
to the melanin in your skin that creates a tan”

“I’ve worked with a number of clients, helping
them with their kids…”
-loving parents
-stable, wonderful families
-yet, their kids are hospitalized, on suicide watch
-Not due to neglect or abuse
“Helping them to understand their brain is being highjacked
-your kids are not able to function properly
“Tell my kids:
-early morning sun; midday sun
-evenings wear your blue-blocking glasses
-keep cell phone on counter & in airplane mode
-use the Faraday pouches

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