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SARAH KLEINER 2 | Outside at sunrise; Outside at midday; Block blue light evenings: fantastic health
presents episode 606 | Sarah Kleiner
Sarah Kleiner Wellness podcastEVERYDAY:

Sarah Kleiner:
“For me, with my massive weight gain [40 pounds] -wearing airpods 24/7
-on social media all the time
-on tech constantly
-never going outside
-my body started shutting down.
-suggested I interview Dr Kruse”
So many people are now open to information on circadian health.
-they experience huge weight gains or autoimmune issues
-they have looked everywhere else, gotten nowhere
-this is very cheap to implement

Kelly: to have the crash of my thyroid…
-over exposure to blue light at 2:00 am
-fasting insulin went from 2 to 11
-with no change in diet
Real concern:
-hs-CRP went from 0.5 to 4 [very inflammatory] [hs-CRP tests for C-Reactive Protein] ACTIONS TAKEN
1-always get morning sunlight OUTSIDE at sunrise everyday
2-every midday: get into the sunshine outside
3-manage light environment at night
“As I did those things, my health challenges started to resolve”

Also…that is when I explored eating carnivore diet
-that helped to course correct
Combination of light environment & carnivore
-got me back to my healthy self

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