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presents episode 903 | Dr Sandra Kaufmann
Modern Healthspan podcast

As you age, several things fall apart…
-presbyopia [inability to focus close-up] -due to glycation [stiffness] of lens
-we block radiation for every part of
body except eyes
-radiation causes free-radical damage
to lenses
-low blood flow so few free-radical
scavengers to help

People get presbyopia about the
same age…
-mid 40’s
For presbyopia: carnosine eye drops
are amazing
“I’ve been using these eye drops for a
decade and up close vision is perfect”
Fabulous Russian study: gave eye drops
to many, many people & their vision
got significantly better

Carnosine eye drops reduce risk of
-give drops to dog to cure cataracts
Rods & cones in back of retina
Driving at night…cannot see as well
Cones: for color
Rods: for black & white
-eye drops don’t reach back of retina
-must come through vascular system

Astaxanthin is great for night vision…
-also zeaxanthin
-contain molecules needed for rods &
cones to keep retina healthy
Also SkQ1 [Visomitin] eye drops
-now available online
-goes specifically to mitochondria
-it is a strong free-radical scavenger


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