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Ronald Schweitzer Part 1: Type 2 Diabetes–Clinical research report

Low Carb Down Under
Summer, 2021

My daughter-in-law:
featured in Australia news Herald Sun…
type 2 diabetes reversed

New app: Defeat Diabetes

Dr Schweitzer clinical research:
-2 groups of type 2 diabetic patients:
~those willing to try a low-carb approach
~those choosing stay with their current diet

Diabetes website:
-complex carbs get broken down into glucose
-this has the greatest impact on your blood sugar levels
~their recommended diet is high in carbs!

Dr David Unwin chart

-1 serving of rice = 10 teaspoons table sugar
-1 serving of eggs = 0 sugar

Into practice:
-recommend low-carb changes to their diet
(switch from grains to eggs & bacon or salmon…)
-adjust their medications
-recommend adding more salt
-in 1-2 weeks review:
~what foods now eating