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RICK JOHNSON 3 | FRUCTOSE increases URIC ACID & blocks ATP…makes you store excess FAT
presents episode 489 | Dr Rick Johnson
Low Carb Down Under podcast

Eat calories to make energy…either:
-ATP for immediate use, or
-store as fat for later use

Fructose increases URIC ACID in the cell…affects
-blood pressure
-weight gain
-triglyceride levels
And: activates the switch to non-caloric pathway

Allopurinol is a medication used to decrease uric acid
in the blood

Fructose consumes ATP; sweeps away AMP (precursor to ATP);
-blocks production of new ATP; &
-blocks AMP Kinase (enzyme that stimulates fatty acid oxidation)
-causes the animal to feel like it is in a low energy state…
-thinks it is starving
-wants to eat!

-Helps prepare animal for hibernation by adding more fat


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