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RICK JOHNSON 2 | Animals survive winter and drought via…burning body fat
presents episode 488 | Dr Rick Johnson
Low Carb Down Under podcast

Glucose is main carbohydrate fuel for brain and muscle…
-requires insulin to move glucose from blood into muscle
-brain can use glucose without insulin
-insulin resistance makes more glucose available for the brain

Table sugar (fructose+glucose) is especially sweet & addictive…
-in 1970’s discovered high fructose corn syrup
-high carb starchy foods…break down into glucose

Could fructose be the nutrient that makes you want to become fat?
Study: fructose in water: rats eventually drank much more &
-exercised less and less
-they became fat

Something about fructose…
-animals crave it, even when cannot taste it
-something to do with the metabolism of it
(when not able to metabolize it, won’t drink it, won’t get fat)


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