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RICK JOHNSON 1 | Animals survive winter and drought via…burning body fat
presents episode 487 | Dr Rick Johnson
Low Carb Down Under podcast

Those who are
-generally have the
metabolic syndrome
Uric acid is present in everybody
~waste product of nucleic acid, DNA
~we make it, excrete it
~is high in patients with obesity
~can cause GOUT–arthritis affecting the big toe

Metabolic syndrome…
-if pre-diabetic, increased risk of becoming
-if elevated blood pressure, risk of
becoming hypertensive
-overweight? risk of obesity
“It is one related problem…
some with fatty liver; others with diabetes, but
it is all one syndrome.
So, could be a central mechanism driving it all”

So, what can we learn about…
-metabolism & weight management
-from animal studies?

Animals will regulate their body weight for the time of year…

Some animals will intentionally gain weight
in anticipation of winter…
-their body fat provides a source of calories to burn
-when you burn fat, also produce WATER

Animals preparing for winter or starvation avoidance…
do all these things that
-we see in people with metabolic syndrome


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