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RICHARD JOHNSON 9 | Gout problems? high carb or purine meal can cause gout attack within a few hours
presents episode 616 | Dr Richard Johnson
Nutrition with Judy Cho podcast

If on a meat-based diet…
-BUN [Blood Urea Nitrogen test] if slightly high,
not a concern
-if muscular, creatinine may go up
[reflects kidney function and muscle mass] -meat and protein can make kidneys work harder
-if you already have kidney disease, may need to be careful

Gout risk correlates with uric acid…
-but, many have normal uric acid and get gout
-others, with high uric acid, never have an attack
-typically, when uric acid reaches 7, risks increase
-uric acid levels go up and down during the day
If you eat purine rich meal, uric acid may go up 2 to 4 hours later
-high sugar/carb meal: uric acid may go up 15 minutes later
“People with gout problems say: ‘I ate a bad meal,
then at 3AM, i got an attack'”
Also, when you begin meds to lower uric acid,
-that may trigger gout attacks
“Levels of uric acid & shifting levels can trigger gout attacks”

Main worry in high protein diets is for those…
-with established, advanced kidney disease
-stage 3 or stage 4 disease
-processing proteins can cause increase
in pressure at the filtering units of kidneys
High uric acid levels has the same effect on the filtering units
-normally, kidneys can handle this fine
-in seriously diseased kidneys, however, can be problematic


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