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RICHARD JOHNSON 8 | OBESITY: dehydration: drives vasopressin! drink 6-8 glasses water/day
presents episode 615 | Dr Richard Johnson
Nutrition with Judy Cho podcast

Excess salt can cause mild dehydration…
-but it acts through eating carbs
-only if you have glucose does it activate the
enzyme that converts glucose into fructose
If on a pure protein [meat-based] diet, you
-won’t face this problem due to ultra low glucose in system
Most obese people:
-show signs of mild dehydration
-have elevated vasopressin
[hormone that helps regulate circulation] “Have your copeptin levels checked”
-when high, it is a risk factor for obesity

Vasopressin holds onto water by concentrating
the urine…
“Perhaps it increases fat production in order to
-retain water”
Series of studies: discovered:
-vasopressin drives fat production & the metabolic syndrome
-fructose is driving production of uric acid and vasopressin
SUGAR [half glucose & half fructose] drives this pathway
-if uric acid is high…check vasopressin [copeptin test] “You can suppress both by drinking water:
6 to 8 glasses a day [careful not to over load on water]”
-people who are overweight may be dehydrated
-check with doctor on the amount of water that is safe for you


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