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RICHARD JOHNSON 7 | DEHYDRATION may cause creation of body fat…in order to burn to produce water!
presents episode 614 | Dr Richard Johnson
Nutrition with Judy Cho podcast

If uric acid high, simple thing to try is…
-drink extra water
“We found that fructose drops the energy
in the cell–which drives obesity”
-when energy falls, ATP is broken down into
uric acid
-thought for a long time that was the only pathway to obesity
Discovered another mechanism, linked with uric acid, driving obesity
-animals use fat to produce energy when food is scarce
-animals also use fat to produce water
[when fat is burned, it generates water]

There is no water in fat…
-but when burned, generates water
-animals store body fat to have a water supply
So, when you are dehydrated or fear it…
does that stimulate making fat?
-whales have a lot of fat, to get water when needed
-dehydration is another mechanism for GENERATING FRUCTOSE
“Eat a lot of salty foods?
Stimulates enzyme to convert glucose into fructose”
-fructose drives fat production…
-body fat becomes a source of water
[to address your dehydration]

Judy Cho:
“So, dehydration stimulates your body to
make fructose?”
-many carnivores, not eating salty snacks,
may not feel thirsty, so
-their dehydrated body produces fructose
-that makes them stall in their weight loss efforts

Dr Johnson:
“Dehydration turns on the polyol enzyme that
converts glucose into fructose.
Even mild dehydration triggers this pathway to make fat”


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