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RICHARD JOHNSON 6 | MEAT diet:-no fructose/glucose to trigger fructose -no biologic switch: obesity
presents episode 613 | Dr Richard Johnson
Nutrition with Judy Cho podcast

Fructose drives the hunger signal…
-but doesn’t necessarily make you fat!
-to get fat, must:
~create insulin & leptin resistance
~then provide the high calorie foods
~like fat [9 calories per gram] -if eat fat WITH fructose, you will really gain weight
Give animal fructose, get fat; fructose with fat, get really fat; but
-give high fat diet without fructose…don’t get fat [Keto diet] Meat diet is good because not eating carbs, not activating switch
-low carb eating also low glucose…no fructose creation in body
-if eating meat diet & lots of fruit…careful of activating. switch
[fructose converted from glucose]

Question: uric acid from eating meat?
-it is generated particularly from organ meat
-liver contains vitamin A & copper, and
-can generate a lot of uric acid
-and concentrates toxins animal had eaten
Judy Cho:
“I’ve seen so many clients that are overeating liver,
who may have:
-high uric acid; fatty liver; insulin resistance;
metabolic syndrome
-becomes an adverse food for them”

During our studies we had a discovery…
-Effect of fructose on fat gain not due to
calories, but due to fall in ATP energy
-when energy falls quickly, triggers
~insulin resistance & obesity processes
What causes this energy fall is sudden
high amount of fructose
Study: drink soft drink in 5 minutes vs 1 hour
Result: 5 minute drinking activated harmful biologic switch
1 hour drinking made the switch activation much less


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