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RICHARD JOHNSON 5 | Hibernating animals eat high fructose foods in fall: -cuts energy -stores fat
presents episode 612 | Dr Richard Johnson
Nutrition with Judy Cho podcast

When glucose is metabolized…
-requires spending some energy, but
-body maintains energy in normal range
-eating glucose, protein, or fat
~energy does not drop in the cell
Fructose metabolizes so fast that
-acute, rapid consumption of ATP
-not regulated, so
-big dose of fructose: big drop in ATP
“If you drink soft drink full of fructose, fast, on empty stomach…
it is like a wave of fructose to the liver & a big drop in ATP”

ATP: adenosine triphosphate
ADP: adenosine diphosphate
AMP: adenosine monophosphate

When ATP falls…
-also fall in intracellular phosphate
-usually when you use ATP
-phosphate comes off to make ADP
-then another comes off to make AMP
Then ADP & AMP reconstituted into ATP
-but when phosphate falls, sweeper system removes AMP
-so cannot reconstitute ATP
-sweeper system is purine degradation system
-breaks down AMP to eventually get uric acid

Uric acid comes back to cause mitochondria
oxidative stress
-keeps ATP production down
-shifts ATP production to glycolysis
-stimulates production of body fat,
insulin resistance, fatty liver
~that help an animal survive winter or a long flight
For animals to survive hibernation or flight,
-need to have enough stored energy [body fat]

Hibernating animals or migrating birds
need extra fat
-do this by eating high fructose foods:
-drops energy in cell: sends signal to animal
to store more fat
-activates hunger & foraging for food
-become insulin resistant for protection
[reduces glucose uptake in muscles to save it for the brain] [effective insulin needed for muscle to uptake glucose,
but brain does not require it]


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