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RICHARD JOHNSON 4 | Fructose damages mitochondria:-ATP blocked by uric acid: generates body fat!
presents episode 611 | Dr Richard Johnson
Nutrition with Judy Cho podcast

Patients having trouble losing weight…
-eating natural fruits in huge amounts
-very sweet ones:
~pears, mangoes, apples, grapes
A bowl of grapes…can eat a lot of sugar in
just a few minutes
“I recommend eating one fruit at a meal, space it out, so not
eating too much fructose one time”
Fruit juice: many fruits, no fiber: may get 20g fructose
-activates process of fat gain

Judy Cho:
-fruits today are much sweeter than before
-available year round in every variety
“Long ago, eating fruit was great, but
not the way we do it now”

Super athletes…
-some say they can eat anything and still
Sugar damages the mitochondria
-which produces ATP for energy
-this process blocked by oxidative stress
-uric acid causes oxidative stress
-this dampens ATP production and instead:
~calories shunted into stored energy as body fat
“Eating calories is giving body energy…
-can either be immediate energy [ATP], or
-stored as body fat

Fructose generates uric acid…
-stuns mitochondria with oxidative stress
-ATP is reduced
-body fat is stored
Super athletes have fantastic mitochondria
-very hard to damage
-but over time and lots of fructose, damage will happen


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