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RICHARD JOHNSON 3 | GOUT! from uric acid, from ATP break down; high purine foods: sardines & yeast
presents episode 610 | Dr Richard Johnson
Nutrition with Judy Cho podcast

Uric acid comes from purines
[nitrogen-containing substances that
building blocks for DNA, RNA, energy] ATP is the energy we use to drive us
-as ATP breaks down, makes purines
-purines break down into uric acid
DNA, in cell nucleus, and RNA, drives protein production:
-contain purine
How do we make uric acid?
-sugar [50% glucose & 50% fructose] -when fructose metabolized:
~breaks down ATP
~generates uric acid

Other foods produce uric acid…
-alcohol, similar to fructose
-foods that are purine-rich
~foods with lots of small nuclei
~sardines, caviar, yeast
Beer, made with brewer’s yeast has
1-alcohol &
2-brewer’s yeast: both making uric acid
Some meats also have a lot of nuclei, and generate uric acid
Some plants also have a lot of nuclei, and generate uric acid

You can make uric acid from foods…
-also from over exertion
[moderate exercise lowers uric acid] “Most people think of uric acid as the
cause of GOUT
-when uric acid levels get high in blood,
can crystalize in joints
-loves big toe…often injured and crystals deposit there easily


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