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RICHARD JOHNSON 2 | Soft drinks & juice: TRIPLE the amount of fructose generated by glucose in body!
presents episode 609 | Dr Richard Johnson
Nutrition with Judy Cho podcast

“Only one way that glucose gets converted
into fructose: the polyol pathway
[converts to sorbitol,
then oxidized into fructose] -eat glucose, high glycemic food, initially
spills over into the blood.
-can go from 90 [typical] up to 150
-that is a stimulus for activating the polyol pathway
Study: animals with high glucose diets
-in liver, converted glucose to fructose
-some fructose got into the circulation
-high glucose also stimulated fructose in brain and kidneys

More studies: gave high fructose corn syrup
to animals that could not metabolize fructose
-they were completely protected
[from developing obesity & insulin resistance
“When you drink soft drink, what drives
obesity & insulin resistance is both:
-fructose in the drink
-fructose that is MADE BY THE GLUCOSE in your body
Specialist in Switzerland used radio-labeled glucose & fructose
-determined that soft drinks TRIPLE amount of fructose body makes


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