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RICHARD HART Part 7: & resources to control insulin long term
presents episode 344: Richard Hart of
Elevate Utah Fitness & Rehab, interview

We have a pretty accurate Inbody machine…
-not as accurate as Bodpod at BYU or dexa scan, but
-we look at visceral fat:
-it is the longevity tool
-on the Inbody it must be below 10
-if you have a lot of fat in visceral area
~probably already type 2 diabetic
-usually diagnosed 10 years too late
-just a normal a1c is not enough
-diabetes is NOT a glucose disorder…
~it is an insulin disorder

If you have visceral fat…
-probably get fatty liver disease
-and heart disease
-Alzheimer’s & dementia coming next
-when visceral fat starts dropping (it is the first fat to go!)
~clients get excited!
-that is when they know:
“I am getting heathy!”

I own a gym here in Orem, Utah, called Elevate Fitness & Rehab
-147 W 400 North St
-22 years here
-phenomenal personal trainers
-physical therapist
-full time chiropractor
-massage therapist
-6 coaches work here
-Utah Valley doctors refer patients here

-we use Dr Bikman’s 12 week program
-start off learning: what is insulin…why should I care?
-addiction behavior
-intuitive eating
-how to do this long term?
-how to eat this way with family?

-they get lots of tools
-the DietDoctor app
-we coach clients worldwide…
-and here privately one-on-one

For coaching:
-call for a walk-through of the program!

-it is super affordable
-private coaching & classes
-we used to have to educate the keto naysayers…
-now we have to educate those doing keto all wrong!

“We call this an insulin control diet…
you can do this long term”


original DoctorsToTrust interview at Elevate Fitness & Rehab in Orem, Utah

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