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RICHARD HART Part 6: LOTOJA 200 mile race…fat burnersrule second half
presents episode 343: Richard Hart of
Elevate Utah Fitness & Rehab, interview

First hundred miles (about half way)…
-I have trouble keeping up (they are carb loaded)
-I run at 70-80% heart rate target
“But the next 100 miles they are all drafting off me!”
-that is my time
-at the 100 mile mark I’ll have
~hamburger or fruit…
-that is like a turbo boost!


-From Logan, UT to Jackson Hole, WY
-elevation gain 9,800 feet
-start 4,533′; finish 9,307′
-distance 202.8 miles

A lot of my clients will transition over to a paleo eating style…
-for the longer term
-add fruit to their diet
-I don’t like paleo or Mediterranean to fix metabolic dysfunction
-a carb is a carb is a carb…it is all sugar
-and insulin will elevate
-but once the problem is fixed…
-I am strict keto until May…
~then I start adding fruit

Typically my clients see the most success from…
-about December until May
-could be the body “winter time…have to burn fat”
-I don’t ever drink fruit…just eat it fresh
-I love corn on the cob…so in season I eat it…
~with lots of butter!
-some of my clients will eat 50 to 100g
of carbs
~sweet potatoes & fruit

An athlete who wants to lift…
-will eat 100g carbs a day
-but if someone is type 2 diabetic…
-got to keep carbs under 20g a day


original DoctorsToTrust interview at Elevate Fitness & Rehab in Orem, Utah

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