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RICHARD HART Part 5: Keeping insulin LOW…means eating like our ancestors: fish, meat, coconuts, etc.
presents episode 342: Richard Hart of
Elevate Utah Fitness & Rehab, interview

I can enjoy the things I like and still have…
-a very controlled insulin-low diet
-never worry about the “dietary crap” any more
-we ignore everything about diets on TV
-my clients never have to pay another dime
-to the dietary industry
~they know what to do now

It is simply about controlling insulin, plus:
-sleep better, strength train, exercise…
-the longevity in this is crazy!
-Peter Attia on Joe Rogan: about insulin resistance…
“If we want longevity, we have to exercise”
-take an hour a day for yourself

Volleyball coach: training for the Moab 200!
-after 100 miles my feet are bloody & hammered
-he is an amazing athlete & BYU volleyball is a great team
-he know Ben Bikman from BYU
-he entered our program & it changed the way he trained
-if you are an endurance athlete,
~this is the way to go: low carb

It is like cheating!
-I wake up and do 25 mile runs, with no food
-and feeling amazing!
-just have to fill with electrolytes, that is it

Eating like our ancestors, or the early Polynesians…
-eating coconuts, fish
-until the Western diet came into their lifestyle
~and ruined everything about their superior health

As a strength athlete I probably wouldn’t do it long term…
-but in short bouts, it is awesome
-Salt Lake MMA trainer has his athletes on keto
~with perhaps some carb cycling
-they actually want high insulin levels at some point
-insulin makes everything big

Most of my clients that we see here are really sick…
-but some come in ready to work out very hard
“this is going to feel weird for a while”
-you won’t have glucose in your system
-may feel a little lethargic, tired, weak
-may take some time to fine-tune this
~but once you get it, it is awesome
-it took me a couple of months

When I first started this, I could not run 4 or 5 miles…
-without thinking “this is awful!”
-but once it kicks in, your energy levels are just…
-spot on all day long
-I felt lean, healthy, powerful, strong


original DoctorsToTrust interview at Elevate Fitness & Rehab in Orem, Utah

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