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RICHARD HART Part 4: CLIENT STORY…from diabetic taking blood pressure meds to 100% healthy!
presents episode 342: Richard Hart of
Elevate Utah Fitness & Rehab, interview

Look at covid…the people I follow are saying,
-vaccinations are fine, but
-if you think the government is going to cure this, wrong!
-take care of your body
-if you are not metabolically sick, you are not dying from this
-I tell my clients: this approach to eating
~is not just about longevity, but
~also about what we face now

One client story: very wealthy, very stressed professional…
-traveling all over the world
-had diabetes; extra 50 pounds of fat
-drinking coke and Monster drinks to get him going
-came into Elevate gym:
“Rich, my doctor said:
~you have diabetes, so we will
~put you on metformin & other meds
-Is there a different way?
-Doctor: no, this is the treatment

One client story: very wealthy, very stressed professional…
-his buddy: why don’t you go see Dr Steve Berry (InsulinIQ)?
-Dr Berry: go see Rich and in 90 days you will be off the meds
“in 90 days you will free from your diabetes”
-client: but diabetic specialist said this is a lifetime disease
-encouraged him to eat carbs…
~to balance his meds!
-after 90 days: Off his meds
-a1c normal
-completely diabetic free
-lost the 50 pounds

-after 90 days on program: he is a different person!
-and is ready to go on his own now
-has all the tools & info he needs
-he understands why he was getting sick
(Why We Get Sick book, Ben Bikman)
-NOT about calories

-Question: was there sugar addiction?
-we all struggle with addiction of some type or another, but
-now he has the foundation, so that:
“I may have a couple of bad days, but I will get back on track”
-we are not looking to eliminate insulin;
~just high levels of chronic insulin

I tell my clients, I am going to have sushi!
-once a month, go with my boys, having the full monty!
-it will spike my insulin, but
-I am so fat-adapted that my body knows what to do with it
~just gets rid of it!
-next day I will fast until 2:00, then
-back in ketosis!


original DoctorsToTrust interview at Elevate Fitness & Rehab in Orem, Utah

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