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RICHARD HART Part 3: Marathon running… MUCH BETTER on animal protein & fat, not gels
presents episode 341: Richard Hart of
Elevate Utah Fitness & Rehab, interview

I hear this from doctors: Rich, how will they do this long term?
-Let’s help them figure it out
-if not they will die a morbidly obese, diabetic death
-we help our clients to understand that,
~once done with our 90 day program:
-do this on your own
-you have the knowledge & tools…
~I don’t have to be perfect at this
~don’t track every calorie
-the math does NOT work

Learn how to listen to your body…
-control carbs, intermittent fast, and exercise
-i have a gym & exercise a lot, but
-i don’t exercise to reduce caloric load
-i exercise to control my insulin & connect with friends

Question: type of exercise do you recommend?
-strength training is best way to reduce insulin
-high intensity interval training is probably the best
-example: today I did some lifting, then…
-5 minute intense cardio so heart rate was at 95% max
-cycled back to weight lifting, cardio
-did this about 7 times

I also do a lot of endurance training…
-iron man type races, 100 mile runs
-the reason I originally got into keto was:
-raced in the Wasatch 100 miler and bonked at mile 70
-started listening to scientists about running while
~fat adapted…no need to
~keep adding carbs during the race
-before introducing this in my clinic,
~I trained this way myself

Zach Bitter was one of my heroes and he was doing it
-it just worked for me
-I did it during races a couple of years later and just smoked it
-ate avocados & hard boiled eggs at the aid stations
~instead of carb gels and sugary crap
-I was going on fasted 25 mile runs
-for training each morning, no food!
-and almost no water! it was crazy
-doing a few electrolytes in my water
-but no carbs


original DoctorsToTrust interview at Elevate Fitness & Rehab in Orem, Utah

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