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RICHARD HART Part 2: Costco has 50 “keto” products…but 98% of them are crap!
presents episode 340: Richard Hart of
Elevate Utah Fitness & Rehab, interview

Insulin resistance: main driver of PCOS & type 2 diabetes…
“How can we get this message out to more people?”
-we started the company, InsulinIQ
-here at Elevate gym & at InsulinIQ we don’t talk about weight
-3 pillars:
~control carbs
~prioritize protein
~fill with fats
-back in the day: 80% fat!
-clients health improved,
-but no weight loss

Ben Bikman: We have to increase the protein…
-now most women are eating 100g protein
-men 150g protein
-we use fat as a lever…
-if not satiated; add more fat

Our clients understand the impact of carbs on insulin…
-also: cortisol, stress, sleep patterns, exercise
-but food is the most prevalent
-next we talk about intermittent fasting (via Jason Fung)
-most clients who are:
~good at intermittent fasting, but
~not so good at controlling carbs…
-have more success than clients who
~are the opposite!
-intermittent fasting is the key

Why is intermittent fasting is the key?
-going 18 hours a day without eating does not
~stimulate insulin at all
-the body clears out the sugar as soon as it comes in
-they become fat adapted efficient (body fat burners)
-some clients struggle with carbs
“usually 25g carbs a day is standard”
-we don’t track that
-they get most carbs from vegetables

We warn people about the keto “movement”…
-Costco has 50 “keto” products, but 98% are crap
-we want people to do this on their own
-we don’t want them to ever have to go back into some diet
-we want them to understand:
“this is my decision”
-hard to control carbs long term? Yeah
-worth it? yeah


original DoctorsToTrust interview at Elevate Fitness & Rehab in Orem, Utah

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