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RICHARD HART Part 1: Owner: Fitness & Rehab Gym
presents episode 339: Dr Paul Saladino podcast

Rich Hart, owner, Elevate Fitness & Rehab, Orem, Utah…
-studied 22 years ago, BYU: “calories in; calories out”
-from my clients’ stand point: they would lose weight, but
~put it right back on
-I was getting into “intuitive eating”
-don’t count, track, and measure!
-guy from SLC: our program:
~80% fat; 15% protein; 5% carbs

80% fat; 15% protein; 5% carbs
-showed results: reversal of
~triglycerides (from 400 down to 70 in 90 days)
-So, I reduced carbs and added fat to clients’ diet
-no man-made, factory fats like
~canola oil, etc
-what changed the momentum…
-reintroduced to Dr Bikman

Ben had been an undergraduate student, interning in his gym
-after getting his masters and phd degrees

An occasion: low carb scientist was speaking at BYU…
-Rich discovered he had been invited by Ben Bikman
“Are you in this low carb space?”
-Rich did not know the role of insulin in the success he had
-had read: The Art & Science of Low Carb Living


original DoctorsToTrust interview at Elevate Fitness & Rehab in Orem, Utah

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