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Red meat! Hadi Doumit avoids near-diabetic coma, cuts blood sugar from 500, loses 191 pounds

Hadi Doumit, in this interview with Dr Shawn Baker at, shares how he was 405 pounds and had blood sugar at 500. His doctor said he should be in a diabetic coma! He was given prescriptions for drugs…but he decided to do some research. In a short period he saw “Bigger, Stronger, Faster” by Chris & Mark Bell and decided to try their red meat diet. It simplified his eating, he ate when hungry–twice a day–and had more energy than ever. He returned to his doctor and explained his decision. He lost 191 pounds in the first year without hitting the gym. Now he is into serious training for powerlifting and continues his diet and intermittent fasting.
:::this video [short, annotated, with Q&A] is designed for sharing with loved ones who may need to hear this message:::
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