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RE-EDIT: BEN BIKMAN 7a | 200 year study: Saturated fat is INVERSELY ASSOCIATED with chronic disease
presents episode 480 | Dr Ben Bikman podcast

Paper, just published in Journal of
Frontiers of Nutrition…
-prospective study researching dietary habits
in the United States from 1800
-lead author: Lee
“United States Dietary Trends Since 1800”

Front. Nutr., 13 January 2022 |

United States Dietary Trends Since 1800:
Lack of Association Between Saturated Fatty Acid Consumption and Non-communicable Diseases

Found: consumption of saturated fats is INVERSELY ASSOCIATED
with the onset of chronic diseases
“As we have been experiencing diabetes, heart disease, Alzheimers,
over same time frame we have been eating less & less saturated fat”
Prevailing, lazy theory: saturated fat is cause of all these diseases

Clinical studies have looked at adding more:
-saturated fats, versus
-seed oil (vegetable oil) fats
Results: Saturated fats are not harmful,
-may even be beneficial

Can microbiome enhance ketogenesis?
-no evidence that it will
-it will not secrete ketones
Microbiome secretes short chain fatty acids:
-butyrate & propanoic acid:
~very, very short, kind of like a ketone
-these can get into the blood and kind of act like a ketone

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