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Ray Vincent. Upper body

Today: go from horizontal push
to row…
How much weight?
-usually fully loaded plus dumb bells
-for slow: just do stack
[starting: reduce weight by 20 to 40%]

On rowing movement, want to
-hold contraction for 1 to 2 seconds
-then slowly return
-avoid elbow lock out
-don’t roll shoulders forward
“Keep tension on target muscles”
-lats, rhomboid, traps, delts
-Don’t lean back…that takes focus
off of target muscles
-if want lats more: lean back and stay
-keep focused on target lats, etc

“Punish target muscles”
-should look like robot
-nothing else on body moving
-nothing else helping move weight
“getting tougher, stay focused”
-try not to let muscle rest at all
-intense as possible
-keep it slow & smooth
-breathe steadily

“Two or three more”
-keep it slow! this is failure
Easier to instruct on a machine
because all skill taken out of it


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