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PROTEIN SHAKE to replace a meal? if animal protein & fat in balance!
presents episode 302: Ben Bikman
with Judy Cho, Nutrition with Judy

Dr Bikman’s meal-replacement shake…
-protein to fat ratio is same as in fatty beef & eggs
-provides the most anabolic effect on the muscle
-ratio of protein to fat is 1 to 1 by mass
-has long chain, medium chain, and short chain fats
-keto diets have plenty of medium chain fats
-short chain fats are a fuel for gut bacteria

We were able to put the grass-fed ghee, coconut & olive oil…
-onto protein matrix, or
-resistant maltodextrin
~for gut bacteria to make short chain fats
-HLTHCode shake, by
-some people use for emergency food storage
-cannot live on it alone…doesn’t have heme iron

Drinking the shake two times a day…
-to rapidly lose weight because
~doesn’t spike insulin (which stores body fat)
~low in calories
-if done this way, come out of rapid weight loss slowly
-like: one shake a day, then real meal for dinner


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