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PROTEIN FOR BREAKFAST…for a healthy, smart day
presents episode 280: Charles Poliquin

Daily routine…
-wake up early, do meditation
-in journal: what do I want to be most proud of before bedtime
-first thing you put in your mouth in morning…
~will dictate the neurotransmitter cascade
~for the whole day!

I am a big advocate for meats for breakfast…
-they provide raw materials for proper neural transmitters
~for the whole day
-lots of research on the protein,
~the ratio of protein to fat
~the quality of the protein
~dictates the energy you will have
in the afternoon

With children, what they found at Harvard…
-if they eat oatmeal, microwave oatmeal, or cereal in morning
-at lunch, when they self-select their food…
~they make worse choices if they had carb-only breakfast
-if give pancakes and fake syrup…
~kids score 20% LESS on IQ tests
~because of brain fog

Typically, an hour after breakfast, I train…
-then shower, take post-workout protein shake, go to work
-whether at home or on road, this routine doesn’t change
-important to have steady habits in life
-never miss out in the gym
“you don’t miss dentist appointment,
don’t miss tax attorney appointment,
should not miss fitness appointment”


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