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Pranavan Yoganathan: The COLON: We are overusing it to digest our food!

:::Annotated; summarized…share with those in need!:::

Dr Pranavan Yoganathan, Australia Gastroenterologist is interviewed by Dr Shawn Baker on’s Youtube podcast: He discusses how we are eating foods that too often pass through our mid-gut and into the colon to be fully digested…this is unhealthy. Summary points:
Gut dysbiosis is the key to modern illness &
is a vicious cycle
The issue: huge proportion of population is on
proton-pump inhibitors
consuming processed foods
end up in the colon, fermenting

The way we are eating…
small percentage of animal-based foods,
bypassing the small bowel,
utilizing the colon a lot, so
we are selecting in our hind gut for
a lot of strange species of bacteria

Plant-based protein is more prone to
putrefactive digestion because of their anti-nutrient
found in:
-soy, maize (corn), and other cereal-based compounds
The more reliant a nation is on plant-based protein,
the higher their rate of
-diabetes etc.
These plant-based proteins
are not well-absorbed,
cannot be incorporated into
muscle & bone

Latest studies on the mechanistic basis for
diverticulosis is the intra-colonic pressure…
which can only come from excess plant-based
consumption, which, increases stool bulk, fiber, gas

We are using the colon excessively, whereas,
as a species, we are mid-gut absorbers:
-very acidic stomach
-use mid-gut for absorption
parodoxically, we are using
our hind gut for digestion…
cannot do it efficiently

While anatomically we are disadvantaged by that, but
it is what helped us build our brain

Diverticulosis is a pandemic…
found in more & more young patients,
vast majority of colonoscopies show diverticulosis

Is fiber protective against it? data are very, very scant
seen in patients with extremely high-fiber diets
it tends to be worse in those groups!
over use of the large bowel &
energy starvation at the large bowel
…and genetics