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Pranavan Yoganathan: Red meat MYTHS: insulin resistance increases the risk of colorectal cancer! presents
Dr Pranavan Yoganathan
Australia Gastroenterologist
interviewed by Dr Shawn Baker on

Red meat myths: it is insulin resistance that
increases the risk of colorectal cancer, not meat.

During colonoscopy: asked nurses,
here in the colon do you see these nuts and seeds and leaves?
Do you see any meat?
No, you never see it in the colon

Humans are enzyme digesters
Stomach acid cleaves meet in the small portions, then:
in the small gut use a brush border and enzymes to digest virtually all meat
Picture: small gut villus structure showing brush border

What is actually correlated with colorectal cancer?
Obesity and metabolic syndrome or insulin resistance
So the diet that allows you to be metabolically healthy
and flexible is very unlikely to cause cancer

weak epidemiological studies that link meat
to colorectal cancer have been found to be flawed
and the WHO made very poor statements
But this included processed meats and was highly confounded by its design

How can a diet that makes you metabolically healthy
increase your risk of colorectal cancer?
It simply doesn’t make sense

regarding TMAO: we are complicating things
We have used fire and cooking for meat for 1.8 million years:
it enabled us to access the nutrients and meat for our development
(from fish, meat, egg and dairy)

The human body is very capable of dealing with these compounds
with a healthy gut that is extremely permeable.
The simplified approach: evidence showing red meat
linked to cancer is extremely problematic, flawed, and needs to be questioned