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Pranavan Yoganathan: INFLAMMATORY BOWEL DISEASE: most can be treated with diet & exercise

:::Annotated; summarized…share with those in need!:::

Dr Pranavan Yoganathan, Australia Gastroenterologist is interviewed by Dr Shawn Baker on’s Youtube podcast:
Inflammatory bowel disease…
mild to moderate ulcerative colitus: the response by
patients to lifestyle (including diet) can be rapid,
but the patient has to be motivated
& willing to take on the diet

Our dieticians begin with an exclusion protocol
(elimination diet) which eliminates high-toxicity foods,
especially vegetables
We strip it down to fundamentals:
-animal-sourced proteins
-eggs & dairy: immunogenic for some
We strip diet down to bare minimum,
then, after gut & colon are repaired,
add back in low toxicity fruits & vegetables for those
who cannot maintain animal-sourced
only foods

Chrohn’s disease: much more complex,
the dietary approach has been variable–perhaps
related to patient compliance

Very serious inflammatory bowel disease:
must be very careful, so we offer medical-based
management first, then, when settled, offer:
change in lifestyle
We have expert on biologic drugs…
we employ them to get ahead of
the inflammation cycle
I work with accredited dieticians…

Our approach, most important is:
-animal-sourced foods
-high quality protein
then dieticians work out each
personalized nutrition plan
It is an unbelievable statement:
“diet has nothing to do with inflammatory bowel disease”!

What a cop-out from our industry!
Sad reality is that the data is scarce,
-due to no funding
-no money in dietary interventions
I think diet has everything to do with chronic illness.

inflammatory bowel disease for sure,
other factors:
-childhood antibiotics
-microbiome we inherit
No doubt that in every generation our microbiome
is getting worse…
-less resilient
-more pathogenic bacteria

At it’s core: very dynamic;
still able to change, but requires
-fight against processed foods

The statement:
“diet has nothing to do with inflammatory bowel disease”!
-is simply lazy
-what we are taught in medical school
-not open to new ideas
-very drug-centric

We know that even resistance training or exercise…
changes your microbiome

Doctors need to take these factors
(diet, exercise)
into consideration
then deliver it to the patient as
a package