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Pranavan Yoganathan: Happiest now: multi-disciplinary approach to diet & training for better health!

:::Annotated; summarized…share with those in need!:::

Dr Pranavan Yoganathan, Australia Gastroenterologist is interviewed by Dr Shawn Baker on’s Youtube podcast:
The last few years of my practice have been
the happiest because I have been able to help
people implement fundamental changes…
but we’ve found that the vast majority of people
won’t take on this advice;
the older the person,
the less likely they are to be flexible

a lot of what we teach is anti-establishment,
it goes against the food pyramid
that they have been indoctrinated
with for many decades
still see headlines about the dangers of:
-red meat &
-animal-sourced foods

I work with 4 brilliant dieticians…
-all low-carb dieticians
-we talk a lot about personalized nutrition
-don’t put a label on any diet
-prioritize animal-sourced protein
-teach: fat is an essential macro
-carbs are non-essential
we see a diverse set of people,
from those who are fit & are personal trainers
to those from a vegetarian spectrum

we try to make it work with our
multi-disciplinary team…
in the future: exercise physiologists
I’m much happier now than when I…
was writing prescriptions to treat reflux
with anti-acid drugs!

Working with exercise physiologists…
regardless of what diet you are on,
you have to be doing resistance training:
it will give you reserve
lean muscle mass
It’s been phenomenal to see…

I’ve put on muscle because of my diet with quality protein,
it has given me the desire to move

I just have to get out there because
I have endless energy
But, if you are infected with poor energy because
of eating heavily processed crap all day,
it is hard to motivate yourself to get out and exercise

our body is built for movement!