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Pranavan Yoganathan: DON’T rush PROTEIN into the colon; COLONIC POLYPS caused by hyperinsulinemia

Dr Pranavan Yoganathan, Australia Gastroenterologist is interviewed by Dr Shawn Baker on’s Youtube podcast:
A lot of misconceptions about our gut’s ability to
handle a high load of protein:
that is only processed protein!
because processed protein rushes through to the colon

once it is in the colon you have no ability to absorb it…
in the colon, the bacteria strip it
for their own fuel

We have this capacity to contain meat in our stomach
and slowly release it into the small bowel…
the body regulates this so well & efficiently

our digestive tract is finely tuned
for animal-sourced foods
this is not taught in our med schools,
and is not passed on to our patients

I try to teach my patients:
we are very finely tuned for eating animal-sourced foods,
but modern eating is out of synch with this

we have great capacity to absorb meat;
we just need to eat to satiety
Colonic polyps: individuals who will have this…
-over weight
& other risk factors:
-above 50 years in age

Colonic polyps…
traditionally linked to red meat, but randomized,
control trials, like the Women’s Health Initiative,
a high quality study: have found no link

-found that high-fiber, plant-based
diets did not help

it goes back to hyperinsulinemia
–linked to obesity & diabetes–
this is the biggest risk factor

insulin, at it’s core, is a growth factor:
can be used to grow:
-adipose sites

For colonic polyps, hyperinsulinemia,
the growth factor, is at it’s core!

The vast majority of illness we see is just this…
-terrible food environment
-extremely sedentary lifestyles

I haven’t seen an issue that:
-a good diet &
-a little resistance training
can’t correct!

that is 99% of chronic illnesses