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Plants survive through chemical warfare! We must use technology to make them bioavailable & safe
presents episode 331: Dr Bill Schindler
PaulSaladinoMD podcast

Plants contain toxins; all plants do, even domesticated ones…
-out ancestors had challenges detoxifying plants as food:
~hyper-seasonal; hyper-local; extremely limited in
~choices of safe plants
-insects were the most important part of the diet

Question: what enabled the development of our brain?
-finally getting access to the key nutrients we needed
-and control fire for domestic use
-we are domesticated!
-if stuck in forest, naked, we could not survive without tools
-our ancestral diet was created through the use of technology
~stone tools; hunting; fire; fermentation
-enabled us to eat foods we biologically
cannot eat
-we are omnivores due to technology

Question: how do we deal with plants?
-using technology, making them
~bioavailable; nutrient-dense; safe
-with animals, once you use technology to take animal down &
-cut it open…
-that is all you need technology for
-cooking & chopping helps access
nutrients a little easier
-but the blood, fat & organs are easy

Question: how do we deal with plants?
-plants are not put on earth to feed us!
-they need to survive & protect themselves…
-they do it through chemical warfare
-they can’t move so they have all these toxins


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