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presents episode 283: Heather’s story

At 15 years, gained 40 pounds, very uncomfortable…
-feeling very foggy trying to read a book
-symptoms of depression
-diagnosed with hypothyroidism, due to Hashimoto’s

Started to take a vitamin B supplement…
-that really helped
-should have been aware that this meant:
~malabsorption of vitamin B, or
~nutritional deficiency

After first child, 6-9 months postpartum…
-had major autoimmune flair up
-woke up one morning, could not move hand
-pain radiated up arm, bone-deep
-doctor did not know what it was…
-had most pain had ever had

After second child, son, decided to be…
-super clean eating
-green smoothies, with tons of spinach, every day
-doctor: “Your iron is really low! You need IV infusion”

Husband said: “No IV…let’s go to Outback Steakhouse”
-ate a big steak
-started to eat a bunch of meat
-iron back to normal

Developed plantar fasciitis
-got to point where walking was painful
-looked into autoimmune issues…
-with hyperthyroid, often also have celiac disease
-there is autoimmune issue triggered by
~my nutrition

If gluten sensitive, why not take gluten & grains…
-out of diet
-tried it for 10 days:
~90% of pain gone!
-tried keto for a bit…
-primed me to be fat-adapted
(burn fat instead of sugar)

On Primal podcast, heard Dr Shawn Baker…
-talk about carnivore diet
-first thought: These people are bananas

Started adding in animal protein…
-my energy improved
-lost 8 pounds
-no more pain in feet
-can work out harder than ever
-zero pain in body
-no more bloating
-no digestive issues
-skin is great
-no depression


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