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Plant sterols in unsaturated fat RAISE the risk of heart disease

Dr Zoe Harcombe,
Low Carb Down Under
presents episode 276: Dr Zoe Harcombe

Randomized multi-group study, BBC, April 2020…
-3 groups, no control group, no matching between groups

-not clear how 50g of fat added or substituted in diet
-likely very different use for each type of fat

-plant sterols compete, in gut, with human cholesterol, & win
-different impact on your cholesterol than butter

-study design is underpowered:
-no group matching on key characteristics
-therefore, cannot compare one group to another;
~must compare each group to itself, baseline to end

Review of plant sterols by Dr Harcombe…
-they lower cholesterol, but increase risk for heart disease
-not good for cancer


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