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PETE DELANNOY 2 | GOUT FLARE UP: needs Intracellular uric acid & in chondrocyte
presents episode 791 | Dr Pete Delannoy
NutritionwithJudy podcast

“I did go on: allopurinol [gout drug]…
-I finger stick for uric acid levels
before & after every meal
Doctors: ‘on allopurinol you are also
vulnerable to a flare’
-my uric acid was 4.5 mg/dL
-exactly in the ‘safe’ range
-had eliminated alcohol, fructose, &
If still hyperuricemic, take drug, the
targert is between 4 & 5

I did have a flare, but it was mild…
-did not need to take ibuprofen
“This is a benefit of being keto,
if get flare, it tends to be mild”
While not scientific, my followers
say the same in their experience”

Gout sufferers need to understand:
-gout is not individualized ,
single type of ailment
“this is what medical establishment wants
you to believe: take an anti-inflammatory
& it goes away”
It is not that!
Uric acid is required for gout flare…

What is required for gout flare:
-sudden, acute rise in intracellular
uric acid in chondrocyte, in cartilage,
that is already suffering from chronic,
low grade inflammation
-chondrocytes are PRIMED FOR THIS
-primed by years of eating high carb
and drinking alcohol & fructose


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