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P:E Diet book highlights3-Permutations for dietary energy: worst? high carb high fat; best? opposite
presents episode 309: highlights from the book by
Ted Naiman, MD & William Shewfelt

2 completely separate energy storage systems:

High carb low fat: typical “weight-loss” diet…
-never works for the majority
of people!
-for ‘calories in-calories out’
model: proven erroneous
-dietary fat DOES NOT
clog arteries

“On this diet, will need to eat
more frequently because…
not fat-adapted”

Fat-adapted means you can run your metabolism…
-from burning stored
body fat!

Low carb high fat…”Atkins” type diet…
-eating lots of fat, but okay
because glycogen is low
-you burn a lot of body fat
-excellent for “fat-adaptation”
-studies constantly show:

“low carb is simply more
effective for losing weight”

Low carb low fat…
-eat mostly protein & fiber
-classic bodybuilder diet
-high hunger, so
NOT sustainable long term

High carb high fat: our standard American diet…
-glycogen is high, so fat
oxidation is LOW…
-NOT burning body fat
-but still constantly hungry

“This is the worst. Americans,
on this diet, are gaining
3 pounds of fat a year”

Obesity is an out of control worldwide epidemic…
-it is a settling point, where:
~fat oxidation equals intake

“Obesity can easily be
reversed by a low carb diet.
Even faster, is both low carb
& low fat”

-kicking out carbs &
vegetable oils is the key


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