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P:E Diet Book HIGHLIGHTS 2: Eat glucose; burn glucose; eat fat; burn body fat
presents episode 306: highlights of the book by
Ted Naiman, MD & William Shewfelt

From the book by Ted Naiman & William Shewfelt…
-3 basic strategies for your diet that will help you flourish

In the mid-1970’s Americans began a swift & steady rise…
-in obesity

At the same time, carbs &
vegetable oils went up in
-and it continues today

-Protein consumption has
not changed

Studies show that humans exhibit protein prioritization…
-they will eat a combination of
macronutrients until they
get the required amount of

“The lower the protein
percentage in their food,
the more they will eat until
their protein target is met”

Empty calories (sugar, flour, vegetable oils) entered our diets…
-driving over eating of these
types of energy, while
protein stayed steady

This is the actual driver of
the epidemic of obesity in
the US and across the
western world

Dr Naiman asks us a question…
How much energy did you have to eat to get that protein?

Carbohydrates are water-soluble…
-fats are NOT water-soluble, so
-our body absorbs & transports & stores these two
different energy sources in COMPLETELY different ways

Proteins are broken down
into amino acids

Fiber carbs are not
absorbed at all…simply
pass through the system

Carbs are broken down into simple sugars…
-like glucose & fructose

Dietary fats are eaten as triglycerides
(3 fatty acids together),
then broken down into
fatty acids

Glucose (carbs) is stored as glycogen (chains of glucose)…
-in your liver & muscles

Fat (NOT water-soluble) is
stored in your adipocytes

These systems are completely
separate from each other

Glycogen is converted into energy 6 times faster than fat…
-but it is extremely HEAVY, so

your body carries 100 times more fat than glycogen

You must have glycogen for emergency use…
-like running from a tiger
-sprinting & weightlifting

But when resting or fasting,
we burn body fat

You only hold about 4g of glucose in your bloodstream…
-about 100g in liver
-about 300g in muscles…
~but liver glucose
is ONLY for
emergency use

Dr Naiman summarizes this here…

“You might want to limit
yourself to 100g of carbs
per day”

Because glucose is so tiny, it must control our fuel choice…
-As soon as we eat glucose,
we burn glucose

-As soon as we stop eating it,
we burn body fat

“high-carb diets DECREASE
body fat burning by 10 times”

Dr Naiman:
“If you want your body to be
better at burning body fat,
you only have to do one
thing: eat fewer carbs”


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