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PAUL SALADINO Part 2: Termuric needs piperine…pushing liver into 2000x dosing–very toxic!
presents episode 334: Dr Paul Saladino podcast

Why take curcumin for inflammation…
-without correcting the CAUSE of the inflammation?
“Put out the fire!”
-Removing cytokines is not the goal…
~find the root cause first
-inflammation is a signal that…
~something is wrong!

Study: effect of turmeric on inflammation following…
-half marathon race
-muscle inflammation is a GOOD thing
-if you abrogate inflammation following serious work out…
-you will lessen your gains!
-you want inflammation to
~spur muscle growth & repair

Study: effect of turmeric on inflammation following…
-led to increase in IL-10 (cytokine that relieves inflammation)
-decreased myoglobin
“Curcumin is doing the wrong thing in this case”
“It is programming your
immune system in a bad way”

Whether you are dealing with ibuprofen or curcumin…
-all molecules, whether natural or not, have side effects
-we assume plants are benevolent, when…
~they are trying to kill you!
~don’t want you to eat them!

Problems with turmeric?
-besides the curcumin: it is loaded with oxalates
-oxalic acid can accumulate in humans and cause problems

Paper, International Journal of Cancer…
-massive dosing required
-oral bioavailability very poor unless…
~combined with something like piperine
-piperine is a phase 2
detoxification enzyme inhibitor
-it will allow other toxins
into your liver

First principles here: if it is a
-root, stem, leaf, or seed (seed, nut, grain, legume)
-ask some serious questions about it
-with turmeric & curcumin…
~adding piperine gets you
2000 times dosing…
“A really bad idea”


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