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PAUL SALADINO Part 1: Turmeric & curcumin studies show NO EFFECTS
presents episode 334: Dr Paul Saladino podcast

Curcumin is a curcuminoid & the main active ingredient…
-of turmeric
Dr Saladino: “Turmeric is very net-negative”

Paper: Kathryn Nelson, 2017: 120+ clinical trials, curcuminoids…
-vs diseases: No double-blinded, placebo controlled trials
~were successful

Study 1: vs autoimmune disease…
-dose was well-tolerated ; but showed no effect

Study 2: Curene (carrier for curcumin) vs placebo…
-for knee osteoarthritis was effective, but has side effects

If you inhibit the COX-1 & COX-2 enzymes
-(protect stomach lining) &
-5-lipoxygenase (slows inflammation)
-you will suffer downstream

Meta-study (2013) 3: effects on blood lipid levels…
-“no effect on serum total cholesterol, LDL-C, triglcyerides,
and HDL-C”

Study 4: curcumin vs psoriasis vulgaris…
-Result: no effect

Study 5: curcumin on serum cytokine concentrations…
-in subjects with metabolic syndrome (insulin resistance)
-did change some cytokine levels

Do you want a polyphenolic molecule, from a root…
-changing your cytokine (inflammation) levels?
-NO, you want to know where it is coming from!
(it is a SIGNAL that something is wrong!)
-curcumin is not correcting
the root cause
-we have been misled…
we don’t want to turn off
the inflammation!
-we want to discover its root!

Do you want a polyphenolic molecule, from a root…
-why take curcumin for inflammation…
-without correcting the CAUSE of the inflammation?


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