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PAUL SALADINO b | Debate continues…saturated fat PROTECTS LDL and SEX HORMONES
presents episode 1073 | Dr Paul Saladino w/ Dr Alo
Paul Saladino MD podcast

Study in humans
-decreasing saturated fat
-INCREASING linoleic acid [seed oil] Results
increased oxidized LDL & Lp(a)
[no cardiologist would say this
is good] These are signs of inflammation
-bad, bad cardiovascular outcomes
with the seed oils

Is Dr Saladino keeping you
AWAKE doctor??

Study in humans…
Linoleic acid & colostrum &
child cognition at 2 & 3 years
too high levels of linoleic acid in
colostrum: associated w/ POOR

Diet & sex hormones in healthy men…
-increase in seed oils:
decrease in sex hormones
NIH Study
-lowering linoleic acid reduces oxidized
LA metabolites in humans
Clear: consuming more seed oils
causes accumulation of linoleic acid
in our adipose tissue
AND in our LDL particles
LDL enriched w/ LA is more likely to
be oxidized in sub-endothelial space

Wrapping up debate part 1:
-with LDL enriched by LA
-like a bomb
-LDL much more likely to become
oxidized in the macrophage
environment…into sdLDL
Brown & Goldstein showed:
macrophages do not take up native
LDL in sub-endothelial space
“Oxidized LDL is the real problem, NOT NATIVE LDL”

Dr Alo:
“I am not a vegan or vegetarian.
Love my ribeyes.
I don’t eat steak & butter every day…
My LDL is 46”
Dr Saladino: Do you take med??
Dr Alo: “yes, Zetia & Crestor [statins] It is not a problem.
My people [Youtube followers] all know this”


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