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PAUL SALADINO b | Chicken & pork; if not pasture-raised high in linoleic acid: raises sdLDL
presents episode 957 | Dr Paul Saladino
Paul Saladino MD Podcast

Skip the pork…
-pastured pork high in thiamine
-but most is fed corn & soy
-high in linoleic acid
-pigs & chickens can’t get rid of it
-their fat higher in linoleic acid than
wild pig or pastured chicken
[wild: 5%; grain fed: 15%] same linoleic acid as in seed oils

Linoleic acids accumulate in cell
membranes & causes increased
-also in mitochoncrial membranes
-causing problems in electron
transport chain
[increased oxidation of LDL] Randomized studies show direct
link to higher coronary disease
-due to oxidized LDL…sdLDL

Costco has organic milk…
-prefer raw milk
-they do have raw cheese
MILK in dairy case…as if real milk!
-WILD salmon: Alaskan Sockeye
-NOT ATLANTIC…all farm raised
Some shrimp has added coloring!

Raw cheese from Switzerland…
-some organic cheese is not raw:
-is pasteurized [heated to 160+] -changes configuration of the
whey protein
Kids who drink raw milk have
-lower rates of asthma, allergies,
eczema in adulthood
Undenatured whey in milk & cheese

Marketing of salmon…
“Norwegian” salmon,
-comes from
‘well-established fish farms’


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