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PAUL SALADINO A | STUDY after STUDY… linoleic acid [seed oils] -OXIDIZE LDL -macular degeneration
presents episode 1072 | Dr Paul Saladino
Paul Saladino MD podcast

Dr Paul Saladino with Dr Alo…
“You challenged me to show a
study of how linoleic acid was
harmful to health”
Literature shows linoleic acid:
-increases LDL oxidation
-oxidized LDL in sub-endothelial
is a very bad thing

Jerusalem Nutrition Study
-more seed oils=more oxidation
-more LA break down products
“We know, when more linoleic acid
in LDL particle, that particle is
more susceptible to oxidation

Increased saturated fat will increase
LDL will decrease Lp(a)
[LDL+Lipoprotein=Lp(a) very high
risk for heart disease] Decreased sat fat & increased LA
oxidized LDL”
-increased LA decreases

Study in humans…
soybean consumption
-involved in cleaving oxidizing
phospholipids & LDL
strong correlation between
linoleic consumption &
mothers breastfeeding: LA
correlates negatively with kids’ cognitive & motor development

“Consistently, researchers are looking at
serum levels of LA, when the only
seriously good metric to judge
LA in diet is: adipose tissue!
to Dr Alo:
“You posted study on Twitter…the
studies in that pooled analysis:
Only 3 looked at LA in adipose
tissue–and in none of those 3
was LA associated with improved
cardiovascular outcomes.
“There are studies: LA in adipose tissue: worse outcomes”


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