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PAUL SALADINO 6 | Riboflavin, choline, K2, MENAQUINONE 4-11 sufficient only in animal foods
presents episode 510 | Dr Paul Saladino
Ivor Cummins podcast

Go into the sun, there are all these nutrients that are made in the skin…
-cholecalciferol (D3: naturally synthesized in skin in sunlight)
-1,25 hydroxy vitamin D (active form of vitamin D)
-podcast with Dr Malcolm Kendrick on effects of nitric oxide
on endothelium (inner blood vessel lining)
-things that decrease nitric oxide in the endothelium:
“Seem to create more atherosclerosis”
-things that increase nitric oxide are beneficial
-completely LDL-independent mechanism!
Q: sit inside and take vitamin D supplement?
A: no!

When I post about people getting less burning from sun when on
-an animal-based diet; get hundreds of others saying: ‘Me too!’
My hypothesis: a lot of skin cancer risk, whether:
-squamous, basal, or melanoma (not entirely sun-related)
Potentially exacerbated by eating vegetable (seed) oils
-vitamin K2: abundant in liver
“There are tons of nutrients in animal foods
that you cannot get in plant foods”
-Real inequality favoring animal foods:
~because of the number of nutrients that
are only found in animal foods in any
appreciable quantity

A number of nutrients that are only found in animal foods…
-in any appreciable quantity, riboflavin, choline, etc. and:
-vitamin K2
“But, you can get K2 in natto, right?”
-Not the full spectrum menaquinone (MK-4 through MK-11)
(it is mostly MK-7 in natto)
-full spectrum menaquinone only found in…
Animal foods
-get out into the sun for vitamin D, nitric oxide
“It is just as simple as living the way our
ancestors have for the past 2 million years?


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