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PAUL SALADINO 5 | AMAZING PEPTIDES from fresh or desiccated organs; Vitamin D from sunlight!
presents episode 509 | Dr Paul Saladino
Ivor Cummins podcast

Beyond vitamins and minerals…peptides:
-small amino acid containing molecules
-may have heard of LL37, BPC157, ipamorelin, tesamorelin
-people use these peptides to biohack their health
-many are found in organ meats

LL37: effective as an antimicrobial treatment…no fungal,
bacterial, or viral infection has been able to overcome it

BPC157: helps repair tissue and protect it from further damage

ipamorelin: growth hormone secretagogue…
(promotes secretion of growth hormone in bloodstream);
also an agonist of the ghrelin/growth hormone

tesamorelin: growth hormone releasing hormone,
helps in fat loss

Peptide in heart muscle: DWORF, associated with contractility…
-if organs are not overcooked, or are sourced from
freeze-dried supplements, these are preserved
“There are all these peptides and signaling molecules in organ
meats that we did not know about”

some New Zealand grass-fed organ supplement brands:

Ancestral Supplements (I use these regularly)

Xtendlife supplements
support Ivor Cummins

Heart and Soul supplements
support Dr Saladino

“I want to eat as much of the animal as I can, but can’t always get
a pancreas or a spleen.
Desiccated organs, in capsules, are amazing.
Ultimately, we want to get more organs into peoples’ diets.
If they can get fresh organs, that is amazing, too.”

Getting vitamin D from a supplement vs from sunlight, analogous to…
-getting synthetic peptides from chemical compounds rather than:
from eating fresh organs or desiccated organ supplements
“Most people are just taking a supplement, instead of exposing
our skin to ultraviolet sunlight.”
“Anyone who has been in the sun, knows
it feels good on your skin”
-endorphins tell us, go into the sun
-when one eats organs, often “I feel good!”


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