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PAUL SALADINO 4 | SIDS BABIES: 87 of every 90 ate baby formula
presents episode 694 | Paul Saladino
Nourished Youtube podcast

-breastfeeding matters just as
much as nutrition in pregnancy
Infant formula
-hydrogenized vegetable oils
-artificial everything
SIDS study:
-87 of 90 babies were formula fed

Breast milk is the best food for babies…
-to make enough milk, mothers:
`need to get lots of calories
from a nutrient-rich diet
-avoid toxins like linoleic acid
and seed/vegetable oils
Eat nose to tail grass-fed & finished
meats and high quality animal fats
-eliminate all PUFAs
[polyunsaturated fatty acids] -eliminate all veggie and seed oils

All throughout my pregnancy,
birth, and postpartum…
-on animal-based diet
-I feel great
-my daughter is thriving
“First pregnancy went to 41 weeks
and 5 days
-home birth with midwife
-second child came spontaneously
“Ate animal-based throughout;
that played important role in my 2 very healthy children”

“Currently 7 months pregnant…
-first daughter is 3
-have eaten animal-based for
5 years
-it makes us feel our best
Dr Saladino:
“Eat like our ancestors did;
DON’T eat like most today”


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