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PAUL SALADINO 4 | Eating liver & heart (organs or supplements) keeps ZINC & COPPER in BALANCE
presents episode 508 | Dr Paul Saladino
Ivor Cummins podcast

If only eating animal meat (not organs) and plants…
-where do you get your bioavailable vitamin A?
-from eggs: get some retinoic acid
-beta-carotene in plant foods is not converted well
into retinoic acid
-have to eat way more plant foods for vitamin A
than from animals
-the conversion is 19k to 1!
(19k units of beta-carotene=1 retinoic acid)
Powerhouse of vitamin A:
-liver, kidney, egg yolks

Liver does not store toxins…it processes them through…
-detoxification systems for export from the body
-it is an enzymatic powerhouse to do that chore:
~is full of nutrients required for those biochemical reactions
Vitamin A is rich in the liver, but vitamin A toxicity:
“I would not be worried when eating a few
ounces of liver a day”
-myself and others have eaten half a pound
of liver a day for weeks, with normal
vitamin A levels

Riboflavin: where are you getting it if not eating liver or heart?
-if you have enough, you can take a ‘broken’ MTHFR and it will
function normally
(MTHFR: an enzyme that breaks down homocysteine)
-doesn’t need to supplement with
methylfolate (essential B vitamin)
-it is found in the liver
“I get enough riboflavin from liver & heart
-muscle meat has moderate riboflavin
-heart & liver are much better

“I’ve seen this in clients: if only eating muscle meat, get…
-homocysteine ‘bump’
-if level is above 8, ‘in my opinion’, you don’t have enough:
-folate or riboflavin
-add back in liver, and they do great
Liver has:
-cholene, biotin, vitamin B6
-pantothenic acid
-zinc & copper
-if over-supplement zinc & don’t balance
copper: will get copper deficient:
~posterior column & balance issues

“The human body is designed to eat animals nose to tail…
it just works so well”


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